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About L2 Care Consulting

Improving organizational health and reducing burnout in Patient-Facing Staff

We understand the flow of outpatient organizations; we are well acquainted with the chaos and never-ending deadlines that seem to dictate our every day. With the non-stop hustle in the business of taking care of your patients' health, we know that it can become easy to lose sight of your organization's health and that's exactly where we come into play.

L2 Care Consulting uses a human-centric model to address organizational health needs and reduce burnout in your Patient-Facing Staff. This human-centric focus is augmented with the magic and science found in the teachings of The Walt Disney Company. Together, we'll devise and implement strategies suitable for your organization, and provide ample support to optimize your outcomes. 

About L2

AKA Lindsay Masters


Owner, Consultant, Coach

L2 graduated from Seattle University's BSN program in 2016 and dove straight into work as a clinic nurse. After working in this role for four years, L2 discovered her passion resided in helping her companies solve problems, creating unique solutions, and caring for and empowering her fellow care staff. 

A graduate of Gonzaga's MA of Organizational Leadership program with a concentration in Change Leadership, L2 has created the Caring Healthcare Model that challenges the way we look at and address clinical organizational health and patient-facing staff burnout. L2 brings both an Organizational Development (OD) and clinic nursing lens to her services to optimize Partner outcomes.

When she's not working, L2 enjoys spending time with her fiance and their puppy, either hiking, exploring the PNW, enjoying a musical, or relaxing. You will often find her traveling to the Disney parks or with a new Disney-related book nearby. 

About the Caring Healthcare Model

Putting the Care in Healthcare

The Caring Healthcare Model centers on the assertion that we can improve organizational health and reduce Patient-Facing Staff burnout by Narrowing the Divide between healthcare leadership and Patient-Facing Staff. This is done by integrating Genuine Care within the organization and creating sustainable Genuine Understanding using human-centric methods.

In order to attain Genuine Understanding and Genuine Care, we have to work together to identify the assumptions our organizations are using. Once we know what these assumptions are and how they influence our day-to-day, we work to get to know both the organization and the humans who comprise it in order to discover your truths so that you can build more accurate and healthy organizational assumptions to carry you forward. Once we achieve this goal, you should find that your united organization is able to make the systemic changes needed now and on an ongoing basis!

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