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Coaching Services

Good fit for

Patient-facing staff looking to learn new skills and strategies in an individualized setting to help them inspire and lead change within their organizations.

When this service is needed

When this service is needed:

  • If you have a specific change challenge at work that you'd like to work through with a coach

  • If you feel unheard in your organization

  • If you notice changes that could improve either operations or the patient experience, but can't get any traction with your ideas

  • If you want to improve your understanding of the human elements that comprise organizational behavior

  • If you want to learn skills that can support your personal leadership journey

Time Commitment

Coaching sessions are offered in 60-minute blocks. Together at your initial session, we will determine if follow-up sessions are ideal for you and create a schedule appropriate and comfortable for you. You may find that one session is sufficient for your needs.

Delivery Method

Coaching sessions are held via Zoom.

Service Description

Coaching sessions are 60-minutes in length and are designed to provide a place and space for focused listening, learning, and... coaching! Together we'll evaluate your situation and discuss options for moving forward. Techniques, tools, and strategies will be discussed as appropriate to your needs.

These services are designed for a one-on-one format. However, if you and one coworker would like to arrange a coaching session to discuss the same issue, please:

  1. Register for a session using one participant's information, then

  2. Email including the following information:

  • Your appointment date and time

  • Your coworker's full name, email, and phone number


Sessions start at $50/hr. Joint sessions of two people will receive an invoice for an additional $25 charge ($75 total for two) which must be paid prior to the start of the session.

If you have a group of three or more interested in focused coaching, please email with your headcount and a brief synopsis of your challenge, and we will discuss scheduling and pricing options. Please do not register for a coaching session for a group of three or more participants on our registration page!

Ready to set up your first coaching session?

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