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Consulting Services

Good fit for

Outpatient organizations

When our Service is Most Helpful

When any symptoms of an unhealthy organization occur, including but not limited to:

  • Increased and/or sustained turnover

  • Decreased team motivation

  • Decreased team morale

  • Burnout amongst staff

  • Inability to attract competitive candidates due to organizational culture

  • Staff complaints about organizational culture

  • If you or your staff consider your workplace to be chronically tense, hostile, or toxic

When you want to check-in on the health of your organization

When you want to amplify the support you offer your Patient-Facing Staff on an on-going basis

Time Commitment

Varies depending upon organizational needs. This will be assessed and discussed within the proposal. 

Delivery Method
  • We offer on-site consulting as allowed by Covid-19 restrictions. Please note, we reserve the right to transition to an online format due to public health concerns at any point during a contract, and we extend this courtesy to our Partnering organizations as well.

  • Virtual consulting services will be offered on an ongoing basis, and may be accompanied by intermittent site visits for in-person assessment and workshops.

  • Retreats may be requested and/or recommended depending upon the needs of the organization. We do offer retreat services and discuss this on a case-by-case basis with our partnering organizations.

What to Expect

Our consulting services begin with your initial outreach either via our Contact Form or by emailing us at We'll discuss your organization's situation and needs with an initial consultation. Our services use a human-centric focus and follow the Caring Healthcare Model to meet your goals. We review each organization's situation and needs thoroughly in order to carefully craft content and solutions that are optimized for you and your success in achieving the established goals. 


We focus on the human element in organizations, and offer a unique approach to bring organizational leadership and Patient-Facing Staff closer together to meet your goals. Together, we'll work to break down the barriers preventing your organization from achieving and maintaining health.

Are you ready to begin making positive changes to improve your organization?? We would be honored to be part of your journey! Use our Contact Form or email  to request your initial consultation today.

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