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Empowerment Series

Good fit for

Patient-facing staff looking to learn new skills and strategies to help them inspire and lead change within their organizations.

When this service is needed

When this service is needed:

  • If you feel unheard in your organization

  • If you notice changes that could improve either operations or the patient experience, but can't get any traction with your ideas

  • If you want to improve your understanding of the human elements that comprise organizational behavior

  • If you want to learn skills that can support your personal leadership journey

Time Commitment

8.5 hours* of combined face-to-face time divided into either:

  • Four, 2-hour sessions, or

  • Two, 4-hour sessions


Sessions will be reoccurring once per week on the day that you register for--duration options will be noted in the registration title on our booking page. We try to rotate class availability to accommodate different work schedules, however, if you are interested in participating and don't see an opportunity that meets your schedule needs, please email us with a suggested time/date!

*Please note, the final session of the series will run 30-minutes longer than usual

Delivery Method

This Series is offered via Zoom to open participation to a broader group of patient-facing staff. Sessions are not structured by role type; we want to gather as many different patient-facing roles as possible into our Zoom room to enhance and enrich our discussions!


This Series is also structured as a cohort model, which allows the same group of participants to come together each week for the duration of their Series, and learn and grow as a group.

Service Description

We understand the challenges patient-facing staff members experience when trying to ask for change when we (remember, L2 was a clinic RN!) have little to no decision making power. Sometimes we don't even have a seat at the table where clinic changes are discussed. And sometimes we have a manager or leader in our clinic without a patient care background who has a difficult time understanding or even listening to the nuances of our experience.


With these challenges in mind, our Empowerment Series offers content, tools, skills, and strategies to help prepare and empower you to inspire change in your workplaces. We divide this content time with cohort discussions where we talk through a guided question each week, practice some of our new skills together, and put our heads together to help one another create new strategies to tackle change initiatives.














We are currently offering our Kick-Off Savings! For a limited time, the Empowerment Series will be available to you for $150.

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